About Us

We unite traditional Mexican dishes and flavors with the latest techniques and cosmopolitan concepts to create a menu with a Mexican soul.


Savor. Ethos. Inspire. These three words describe what we intend to evoke with our cuisine, and what ties we have with the Mayan culture. The word Xim in pure Mayan language, is defined as corn. Mayan Agriculture was the foundation of their civilization and a staple of their diet.

The Mayans praised “Hun-Ixim” , the maize god,  who was represented by a young man who wore a corn husk on his head. Corn is one of the main ingredients in the Mexican pre-Hispanic cuisine. With it, tortillas are elaborated; tortillas are also used to prepare delicious tacos, which have their origins with pre-Hispanic molli (mole), they were prepared on hot stones and garnished with cochineals and served with beans and peppers.


Our Company

​We believe that the experience plays an important role in any small, medium, or big event. For that reason, we are passionate about providing an outstanding customer service as well as high-quality food, so that the hosts and the guests remember us as a fantastic experience. 

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